Monday, September 13, 2010

Monarch's on the fly,Sept.10th,2010

I did a hawk watch in Toronto on Sept. 7-8 & 9. It was amazing. 1st photo shows a beautiful female northern harrier on the fly and below her in the right lower corner is a migrating monarch butterfly. Also what was amazing was the monarch's that were migrating. They were everywhere. A few photos I managed to get of them flying all around us along with the hawks. Unfortunately one actually got taken out by a passing hawk. The hawks are migrating and are moving very fast. It was in the line of fire as the hawk flew by. It got hit and went down. Pretty incredible. Also very sad. They were seen by the hundred's by a man who stopped by the hawk watch in the trees by a marina. We never did find them. They may have left by that point. These monarch's are in the process of migrating to the high mountains in Mexico. An incredible journey.

All photos copyright by: Jennifer Howard
Nature Works Photography